Meeting other stroke surivors helps many people overcome the fears of a stroke.


This club has given many survivors a start to recovery and moved them on to 90% of previous abilities.


The club consists of a number of people of different skill levels and backgrounds with various stages of recovery from a stroke.


The club helps different stages of stroke and recovery.

Such as:


  • Aphasia,

  • Ischemic,

  • Homorrhagic,

  • Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA),

  • Embolic, 

  • Thrombolic strokes


For more information on various types of strokes, please visit our 'Stroke Information' Page.

Exmouth Stroke Survivors Club 

Let us show you how meeting other stroke survivors can benifit your life.

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Exmouth Stroke Survivors Club


Next meeting is held at: 


Date: Every Wednesday


Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm




Exmouth Town Library,

Exeter Road,





To request more information, please complete the form on

the 'meeting' page.

Face   Arms   Speech   (Tongue)  Time   

Symptons of a stroke are mainly the following : -

Side of the face drops

Time to call 999

Speech is slurred

One arm can't be raised

Tongue to one side, unable to put it straight out.

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